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Updates to the big Quad/2

Updates to the big Quad/2 Here are some updated pictures of the finished quad. I did some little modification like the bottom plate now attached straight under the arms, and the motors were wound as 10turn Delta instead of Y because the previous configuration had too low maximum thrust. now its perfect. here is some... Read More ›


Updates to the big Quad

Updates to the big Quad I decided to change motor/esc and completely review my quad. The new motor are self wound 2212 motor from Giantcod wired with 10 turn Y delta (Y connection revealed too low kv for 10x4.5 or 10x6 and 3s and delta was exactly the needed configuration) connected 0.45mm wire. It will... Read More ›

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Simple Versatile Imu

Simple Versatile Imu I’m working on a simple way build a IMU that is easy expandable with new sensors. What come out was this simple system: several 20x20mm blocks that could be easily interconnected. By now i have only build the Logic level translator/3.3v regulator block and a gyro/accelerometer board based on itg3200... Read More ›


Quad. Umbreakable (almost🙂) edition

Quad. Umbreakable (almost🙂) edition After a few crashes with the carbon fiber arms version, i rebuild the quad from scratch using the following components for the frame: 2x 1.5mm Glass fiber 70x70 center plates Alu arms, 160mm lenght 10x10mm T-Rex (don’t rememeber which one) langing gear with 5mm glass fiber extra lenght skids (the... Read More ›


First integration tests for NanoQuad

First integration tests for NanoQuad Yesterday i finished the controller board prototype for the new NanoQuad i’m building. the board measures 60x18mm (it is a lqfp48 proto board i bought from It contains: AVR ATMega328 a max682 to raise the single lipo (4V to 3V) supply to 5V; 4 SI2304 N Mosfet used to... Read More ›


The micro indoor quad starts here

The micro indoor quad starts here I would like to be able to use my quad indoor, so i can practice everytime i want, so i started this project, in parallel to the bigger one. Today the 4 brushed motors arrived, (Walkera UFO#8 motors, bought from Helipal here) so i started to arrange some test frame.... Read More ›


Bluetooth serial connection

Bluetooth serial connection I was waiting for my props (they had an odyssey thanks to Poste Italiane, a long story worth a whole post’), than i saw an old bluetooth GPS, useless nowadays. Than i ripped apart the GPS(hopefully it will be used in the quad someday), modded a little and attached to... Read More ›


New Quadricopter

New Quadricopter In this post i’ll show the new version of the quadricopter I’m building. It’s based on the excellent MultiWiiCopter (previously TriWiiCopter) The copter is based on 4x HXM2730-1300 24gm brushless outrunners from hobbyking; 4x Hobbyking blueseries 12A ESC (please, do yourself a big favor: BUY THE PROGRAMMING CARD, unfortunately in... Read More ›


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