The micro indoor quad starts here

I would like to be able to use my quad indoor, so i can practice everytime i want, so i started this project, in parallel to the bigger one.

Today the 4 brushed motors arrived, (Walkera UFO#8 motors, bought from Helipal here) so i started to arrange some test frame. It is made by two little 3mm carbon rods 140mm motor to motor.

I attached the motor to the arms using some shrink tube. Also the two arms are tied together using two little piece of shrink tube.

Frame and motors do weights 17gr.

As the bigger brother I’ll use a custom board with atmega328, four mosfet (to power the motors) a 3v -> 5v dc/dc converter to be able to power the 328 using the single lipo used for this model.

Now I have to wait for props and lipo from HobbyKing, ATMega from an ebay seller  and some other electronic components (and also a small SMD prototiping board I will use to mount the circuit) from dipmicro..

Mouse is only for size comparison, near there are the DSM2 receiver and WiiMotion plus board.

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