Alessio Morale - Who Am I?

Alessio Morale - Drones, robotics and electronics enthusiast, software engineer, inline skater...

Software engineer by trade, currently working with robotics simulations. Electronics, programming and “making stuff” have been my favorite hobbies since forever.

In 2010 I discovered by chance the world of multirotor and UAVs. Initially, they just were simple Arduino based projects, but soon moved to some other advanced platforms.

At the beginning of 2012, I started collaborating with the OpenPilot project and later, in 2015, co-founded with several of its former developers, the LibrePilot project ( as firmware and architecture lead.

Recently I’m interested in several other topics, including mobile robotics, ROS, products design, 3d printing and home automation (I’m lazy🙂)

Some of the projects I’m currently working on are Slammer, a rover robot and uNav2, an advanced motor control board for robots