New Quadricopter

In this post i’ll show the new version of the quadricopter I’m building.

It’s based on the excellent MultiWiiCopter (previously TriWiiCopter)

The copter is based on

  • 4x HXM2730-1300 24gm brushless outrunners from hobbyking;
  • 4x Hobbyking blueseries 12A ESC (please, do yourself a big favor: BUY THE PROGRAMMING CARD, unfortunately in my case it was in backorder so I became crazy with strange and unfinishing beep sequences);
  • 2200mAh 3S 20C lipo (lesson learned: it is a lot better to use a lighter lipo, it weights slightly more than 180gm);
  • Arduino nano clone (dfrduino);
  • Spektrum AR6200 clone 6ch receiver;
  • WiiMotion+ clone (one with IDG gyro, performance wise very close to the original one);
  • self made breadboarded pcb to contain all the electronic stuff;

Actual frame is built with 4 12x2mm Carbon fiber arms, joint in the middle with a 70x70x4mm birch wood multistrate plate.

it has a dry weight (without battery) of around 350gm with props installed.

Previously the frame was a cross made from 8x8mm Alu U profile. No need to say that after a long list of crashes (this was the first flying thing I flew) at the end it gived up.

Some picture of the new and one of the old one:

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