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Building Docker images for Jetson Nano on your desktop

Building Docker images for Jetson Nano on your desktop In this article I will show the workflow I’m using to be able to build Docker containers to be deployed on a Jetson Nano using my desktop machine. Rationale QEMU Build images for aarch64 Issues What’s next Rationale For some time I was looking at a simple, repeatable solution to... Read More ›

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Sensors and multifunctional light for Slammer

Sensors and multifunctional light for Slammer In the last few day I reviewed the design of the top and incorporated a few devices in it: A BNO055 IMU and its USB/Serial; An uBlox GPS and its USB/Serial (I want to play with its doppler based velocity output that used to be of great help with drones);... Read More ›


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uNav2 During the last few weeks I wanted to take a break from coding and I moved to the “drawing board” (KiCad 🙂 ) to design a prototype board for the STM32 based uNav board. uNav is a motor controller board that integrates with ROS and was was initially based on... Read More ›


Slammer This project started a few years ago as my learning platform for robotic in general and ROS. At that time i was working mostly with drones, but I realised that testing things like mapping and navigation would have been much more harder and almost impossible indoor. For this reason, I... Read More ›

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