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Building Docker images for Jetson Nano on your desktop

Building Docker images for Jetson Nano on your desktop In this article I will show the workflow I’m using to be able to build Docker containers to be deployed on a Jetson Nano using my desktop machine. Rationale QEMU Build images for aarch64 Issues What’s next Rationale For some time I was looking at a simple, repeatable solution to... Read More ›

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Sensors and multifunctional light for Slammer

Sensors and multifunctional light for Slammer In the last few day I reviewed the design of the top and incorporated a few devices in it: A BNO055 IMU and its USB/Serial; An uBlox GPS and its USB/Serial (I want to play with its doppler based velocity output that used to be of great help with drones);... Read More ›


NVidia JetRacer

NVidia JetRacer Introduction Power supply/monitor Remote control Conclusions Introduction Some days ago I started this adventure with JetRacer.There were a few things that I didn’t particularly like from the original design, mainly the fact that Jetson is powered from a USB powerbank (with the additional disadvantages of carrying a lot more weight,... Read More ›

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Setting up Realsense R200 on Odroid XU4 with ROS

Setting up Realsense R200 on Odroid XU4 with ROS Update 1st may 2018: added a note to use realsense nodelet tag 1.8.1 and some patches to use ROS built from sources or GCC7. This post will guide you through the configuration of a Realsense R200 on Odroid XU4. There is nothing strictly related to this platform so they should... Read More ›

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Projects for Maker Faire 2017

Projects for Maker Faire 2017 Pictures of some projects that will be brought to Maker Faire Rome 2017 Read More ›

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"Padre Balistico" a (hopefully) fast line follower robot

Spending time with the guys at Officine Robotiche (a huge thank to Stefano Artigianato Robotico), I’ve discovered the world of line followers. Apparently simple robots whose ultimate goal is to, guess what, follow a line 🙂 This simple task involves several issues: reading sensors to determine the line displacement; employing... Read More ›

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Introducing LibrePilot

Introducing LibrePilot If you know a little bit of OpenPilot history you understand it was more about when, not “if “. After a little less than 4 years of contributions to the OpenPilot project it was time to part. Just to give a bit of context, I started with OP at the... Read More ›

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FirePick now 3D printing

FirePick now 3D printing It is now since several weeks that my Firepick has already started working as a 3D printer. There are some (expected) issues with calibration that i had not yet time to solve, this make a bit difficult to print large objects as the head does not move on a perfect... Read More ›


Foldable quad for ROS integration experiments

Foldable quad for ROS integration experiments I’m shortly going to work integrating the OpenPilot telemetry with ROS. Main (long term) focus is indoor positioning and navigation. This is a quick mockup of the craft that will be used. Plates are going to be rebuilt to better host everything The reference platform  is made by OpenPilot Revolution flight... Read More ›

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Firepick, update 3

Firepick, update 3 (thanks to Juha, from the FirePick Google group ) I got the printed plastic parts. after a minor cleanup of the captitive nuts seats. here is part of the delta mechanism assembled: Then it is the turn of the three arms secured to the bearing using nuts and washers. I used nilock... Read More ›