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New Mini FPV Quad

New Mini FPV Quad My first attempt at a FPV quad Read More ›

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Mini "testbed" quad

Mini This is a mini quad that is going to be used as testbed for OpenPilot firmware development. Read More ›

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CNC'd case for op revo board

CNC'd case for op revo board Here is a new case for the upcoming Revolution board from the awesome OpenPilot project. The case is built by two shells 5mm thick made by polystyrene glass. It is milled with 3mm two flute endmill at 900mm/min feeding rate and 1.5-2mm depth. You also need to cool down the... Read More ›

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Mini VTail quad/2 (aka SgorbioVolante 2.0)

Mini VTail quad/2 (aka SgorbioVolante 2.0) A little update: I was unable to get rid of vibrations given the softness of the frame, so i decided to rebuild the copter using some spares I had at hand. Here the result, more details soon:) update: here is a video of one of the first flights: youtube: Read More ›

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Mini VTail quad

Mini VTail quad I have problem with my bigger quad (one esc does weird things raising throttle) so i cannot fly for now. So It was time (while waiting for my holidays) to finish a mini vtail quad I had in mind for a lot of time. I is basically built around some... Read More ›

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Control board for mini quad

Control board for mini quad I built this mini control board based on MultiWII to stabilize a new quadricopter I’m working on. This quad will use the common hxt2730 motors (rewound for the propellers it will spin with a 2S LiPo) and will have a V tail tw0 5.5x4.5 counter rotating APC propellers and two... Read More ›


New landing gear prototype

New landing gear prototype Here is the first attempt for my new landing gear: This is in it’s working position. It is build of two U-shaped aluminium pieces that holds in place the and forms the pivoting system for the landing gear arms. Two linear springs made of stainless steel holds the arms in... Read More ›


Updates on Photo/fpv quad

Updates on Photo/fpv quad Just a little teaser, more on this later Read More ›


Updates to the big Quad/2

Updates to the big Quad/2 Here are some updated pictures of the finished quad. I did some little modification like the bottom plate now attached straight under the arms, and the motors were wound as 10turn Delta instead of Y because the previous configuration had too low maximum thrust. now its perfect. here is some... Read More ›


Updates to the big Quad

Updates to the big Quad I decided to change motor/esc and completely review my quad. The new motor are self wound 2212 motor from Giantcod wired with 10 turn Y delta (Y connection revealed too low kv for 10x4.5 or 10x6 and 3s and delta was exactly the needed configuration) connected 0.45mm wire. It will... Read More ›

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