Firepick, update 3

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(thanks to Juha, from the FirePick Google group ) I got the printed plastic parts.

after a minor cleanup of the captitive nuts seats. here is part of the delta mechanism assembled:

DSC 0539

DSC 0542

Then it is the turn of the three arms secured to the bearing using nuts and washers. I used nilock nuts to prevent them from untightening

DSC 0544

A simple solution for feets: they are 19mm round soft plastic feets, sold in group of 8 for around 2€, and are used to be fitted in chair legs to dampen noise caused by moving them. With a bit of work an M5 bolt does fit nicely. I added a large washer to spread the weight evenly on the feet and prevent it to be ruined by the alu profile’s sharp edges.

DSC 0537 1

Now it is time to wait for some other pieces to arrive, the most important being steppers and angle brackets.