First integration tests for NanoQuad

#DIY #Multicopter #RC

Yesterday i finished the controller board prototype for the new NanoQuad i’m building.

the board measures 60x18mm (it is a lqfp48 proto board i bought from

It contains:

  • AVR ATMega328
  • a max682 to raise the single lipo (4V to 3V) supply to 5V;
  • 4 SI2304 N Mosfet used to power the brushed motors;

In this first phase i’ll control it using a DSM2 compatible Six channel radio from HobbyKing.

The gyro is simply a WiiMotion+ board.

Future versions of the quad will implements:

  • Bluetooth connection and remote control instead of the DMS2 Radio;
  • Smaller ITG3200 Gyro board;

The bluetooth radio will connect wirelessy the nanoquad to a controller board that contains an lcd, an atmega8, a bluetooth module and a port for an wii classic controller to be used to drive the quad.

The lcd will make able to change parameters and for a simple “telemetry”.

Here are some pictures (unfortunately i missed the finished controller board alone).

DSC 5286

DSC 5288

DSC 5290

DSC 5292

DSC 5293

DSC 5357

Update 24 March 2011: here is the MultiWii (thanks To Alexinparis ) software modified to drive directly four mosfet to power brushed motors (be aware, the software was only used to test the setup, never flyed,  so use at you own risk.)